NOTICE: Thank you for your support. The tiger trail has ended, please claim your rewards before 10th May 2022.





I want to contribute to the conservation of tigers, how can I help?

You can help to contribute to this cause by:

Adopting a Tiger
Making a donation
Purchasing exclusive Tiger Merchandise

Where will the donations help?

Your support will help strengthen community efforts in tiger landscapes, monitor and safeguard habitats against poachers, reintroduce prey species into tiger heartlands, and advocate for an effective management of forests. 
By adopting a tiger, you are also protecting the biodiversity, wildlife and natural environments around them. 


How do I register for the event?

Click here to register!

What is the duration of the event?

The AR-Mazing Tiger Trail will be happening from 26 February to 9 April 2022.

When is the last day of registration?

Registrations will open from 26 February until 9 April 2022.

Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee required to participate in this event.

Is there an age limit for participants?

There is no age limit for participation for this event.

I am currently living out of Singapore, how do I participate?

If you have indicated that you will not be in Singapore during the event duration, the digital version of The AR-Mazing Tiger Trail will be made available to you upon registration/login

Where will the event take place?

The AR-Mazing Tiger Trail is a phygital event whereby the tiger sculptures will be located in prominent locations all over our sunny island. You will be needing your mobile phone to complete the missions and quests that are available on this website. 

How to play?

Click here for instructions on how to play! There will also be a guide within each mission to help you along.

If I am registered for the physical AR-Mazing Tiger Trail, am I also able to participate in the digital AR-Mazing Tiger Trail or vice versa?

Each participant will only be able to experience either the phygital OR digital AR-Mazing Tiger Trail during the event period, based on the indication of whether you will be in Singapore during the event period.

How many missions and quests will I need to complete?

There are 3 missions – Biodiversity, Sustainability and Climate Change with a total of 34 quests to be completed. The Biodiversity mission has 11 quests. The Sustainability mission has 12 quests. The Climate Change mission has 11 quests.

Do I need to do the missions and quests in sequence?

You will not be required to attempt the missions or quests by sequence.

How do I make it to the leaderboard?

The leaderboard is only applicable for the physical trail. Be the quickest in completing all missions and quests to make it to the top of the leaderboard!

How do I know if I have won? How do I collect my prize?

You will be contacted by the WWF-Singapore team to inform you of your win after the trail. Further details of the prize redemption will be provided.

I am experiencing technical issues, who can I contact?

Kindly send us an email at A representative from the Tiger Trail Team will response to you within 3 working days. 


I would like to attend the launch event held at Gardens by the Bay on 26 February, do I need to register?

Pre-registration for the launch event is required. You may sign up for the event here. Pre-registrations will close once we have reached maximum capacity.

How do I participate in the events listed on the Event Calendar?

Pre-registration for these events is required. You may register for the individual events via the sign-up button for each event.


How do I update my account details?

You can update your personal details in the My Details section. Do note that your country of residence cannot be updated.

How do I update my password?

You can update your password in the Update Password section

How do I unlock the vouchers in My Rewards?

To unlock each voucher, you will have to achieve the goal tagged to the individual vouchers.